I Have Social Media Guilt

douglas karr guilt

douglas karr guiltI have guilt. No – it’s not guilt that I should have spent a couple bucks on a stock photo instead of taking a photo of myself. It’s guilt that I haven’t been participating in my social networks.

Google+ hasn’t helped. It seems now I have to carry on conversations in 5 universes rather than the ol’ four… my blog, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. I just signed up for Spotify… and I heard Pandora is launching a social network soon. I also manage a social network for Navy Vets.


A combination of tons of work and being sick the last few weeks has me fraught with guilt… I’m not talking to you. I’m not keeping connected with you. I’m not doing my part to help you keep interest in me. Oh sure… I’ve thrown out a crapload of infographics to keep you interested… and a few worthy links here and there to comment on. But I know I’m not doing enough to keep you.

The guilt is killing me.

I’m actually not kidding. I want you to know because you may be going through the very same thing. I hear folks all the time ask me, “How do you find the time?”. It’s not easy. In fact – between being sick, going overseas, moving homes, being a father, public speaking, running the radio show, doing development, going on sales calls, writing for publications and actually executing on the contracts we have with clients… I’m not keeping up. Thank goodness I have my coworkers, friends and understanding clients and prospects who are putting up with me.


So the first thing to go was the very strategy that brought me to where I am… my social presence. For the time being, I know I can take a small hit and I’ll bounce back. But if I continue to sustain this loss of momentum, it will have a negative impact on everything that I do. I’ll do better. I promise. Don’t leave me yet – you haven’t seen the best of me lately and I can assure you that some great things are coming soon! Stick around.


Once again… sorry about the photo. I didn’t have time to rummage through the stock photo sites. It’s 10:40PM… I’m going home now.


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