IBM Smarter Commerce: Advanced Social Analytics Platform

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IBM’s Smarter Commerce services have evolved for the enterprise and are fully adopting both mobile and social strategies. The goal of their Advanced Social Analytics Platform is to enhance personalization utilizing the power of social media and big data.

The IBM Smarter Commerce advanced social analytics platform mines and harvests the consumer’s social footprint and integrates business intelligence to serve personalized recommendations. Combining the consumer’s social footprint and historical relationship provides a predictive opportunity to make more profitable decisions and enables you to personalize connections with your customers.

Highlights of Advanced Social Analytics Platform:

  • Leverages the consumer’s social footprint to help create new revenue streams and increase upsell and cross sell sales by providing more personalized promotional offers.
  • Improves loyalty and anticipates your customers needs by recommending products trusted by the consumer’s social network.
  • Increases product insight and customer satisfaction with review summarization and sentiment analysis mined from the social network.

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