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ICanLocalize WordPress WPML Translation Service

My agency is working assisting a bilingual healthcare-related company to build out their site, optimize it for search, and to develop marketing communications out to their clients. While they had a nice WordPress site, the people that built it depended on machine translation for visitors who spoke Spanish. There are three challenges with the site’s machine translation, though:

  1. Dialect – The Spanish machine translation didn’t take into consideration the Mexican dialect of its visitors.
  2. Terminology – The machine translation couldn’t accommodate specific medical terminology.
  3. Formality – The translations, while good, were not conversational in nature… a necessity when speaking to this client’s target audience.

In order to accommodate all three, we had to go beyond machine translation and hire a translation service for the site.

WordPress WPML Translation Services

With WPML’s multilingual plugin and a great WordPress theme (Salient) that supports it, we were able to design and publish the site easily and then incorporate WPML’s Translation Services to fully translate the site affordably using ICanLocalize’s integrated translation services.

WPML - WordPress Translation

ICanLocalize Integrated Translation Services

ICanLocalize offers an integrated service that is fast, professional, and affordable. They offer over 2,000 certified, native translators working in more than 45 languages. Their rates are much lower than traditional agencies that only accept large businesses or require any kind of manual account setup.

WPML Translation Services integrated with ICanLocalize

Using the WPML Translation Dashboard integrated with ICanLocalize, you can select items for translation and add them to a translation basket. The word count and cost are automatically calculated and charged to your credit card in your ICanLocalize account. The translations are queued and automatically published within your site.

WPML Translation Services queued with ICanLocalize

Aside from WordPress sites built with WPML, ICanLocalize can also translate office documents, PDF files, software, mobile apps, and short texts.

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