Find Out the Companies Visiting Your Site

This week I got to attend a pretty exciting demonstration of Demandbase Stream?. Demandbase Stream is an Adobe AIR application that allows you to monitor your web traffic in real time.

David Lieberman, Vice President of Business Development describes Demandbase Stream:

Demandbase Stream is the first browserless Web application that enables sales and marketing people to find out which businesses are visiting their Web site, what their interests are, and who to contact. By downloading the free Demandbase Stream? tool and connecting it to a Web site and to Demandbase Direct?, anyone can turn passive Web visits into actionable sales leads.

From a ticker that runs across the desktop users can view business traffic information, company details, and recommended contacts in minutes. Users can also set preferences to filter traffic from outside a sales territory or from Internet Service Providers (ISP’s).

This really changes the industry! If you’re a marketer working B2B, you used to only be able to identify those companies who registered on your site via a Call to Action (whitepaper download, webinar, etc.) and the other visitors were anonymous. With this technology, you can see who’s on your site in real time!

The Pro version is even more exciting, tracking and enabling you to download firmagraphic data! Talk about a lead generator. Though they haven’t provided you with their information, this would enable you to proactively contact the company to see if they required any more assistance. This will ultimately lead to increased sales!

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