Internet Explorer Still Top Browser for Viewing Email

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The folks at Litmus have released this infographic, Internet Explorer Still Top Choice for Web-Based Email. I think that always comes as a surprise to those of us in the online industry – who gravitate to Chrome and Safari, but we often lose sight of who our clients are and the corporate environment they’re in. This is where IE is heavily implemented without too many options.

Email and web users worldwide have access to more browsers than ever before. Existing browsers they know and love compete with brand new browsers they can explore. So, which browsers do users prefer? Does it vary between email browsing and general browsing? Let’s take a look.



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    I find that this data is not as useful as you might think. It suggests perhaps that people are opening emails at work where IE is the only browser installed. But this data does not have huge practical significance, since web designers would look at the email client rather than the browser. The HTML is a stricter format and many times the format changes between hotmail and gmail rather than chrome to IE, at least in the email sense.

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