I’m Lost without Her

MacBookProHer smooth skin, bright eyes, delicate voice… oh how I miss her. Sure, sometimes she wouldn’t get up in the morning so I had hit her with a blast of cold air… but when she was on, she was on.

Today I finally had to let her go. She’s off to the doctor. Hopefully they can do some simple surgery and get her back in my arms.

I’m lost without her. Come back soon, MacBookPro!

To my readers. Please be patient with me… I’m having a difficult time with my temp, HP. Sigh.


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    Hey Doug, you keep up the metaphor for few more posts, and imma start to really think there’s something going on between you two! I mean that in the real sense 🙂

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      Ha! I have to tell you, AL… it is amazing how much we personalize our lives around our laptops when it’s our business! I luckily have almost everything backed up to the net in one way or another – but nothing seems to be convenient.


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