Imagen: Store, Manage, and Organize Video and Rich Media Content in this Agile DAM

Imagen Go Digital Asset Management

DIgital Asset Management (DAM) platforms have been around for over a decade, enabling large corporations to store, manage, organize, and distribute their brand-approved rich media files. Here’s a great explainer video of how Imagen helps brands to better ingest and manage their assets:

Imagen offers two DAM products:

Imagen Go

An agile digital asset managment platform to store and organize all your video and rich media content. Accessible remotely from any connected device for you to tag, share, annotate, and more.

Imagen Go Features include:

  • Storage – drag and drop file or folder uploads from any connected device where you can tag, annotate, and more.
  • Search – fast and accurate searches that help your creative teams or clients to easily find the assets they’re looking for.
  • Automated Tagging – spend less time with AI tagging that makes your content easier to find with simple keyword searches.
  • Collaboration – Invite teams to collaborate, review, notify, and approve content. You can even mark-up specific areas in videos and images.

Reduce the burden of file management, reuse assets more efficiently, deliver campaigns faster, and ensure brand consistency.

Imagen Go Free Trial

Imagen Pro

Focused on sports and media companies, Imagen Pro is an intelligent video management platform that helps you organize your complex content, putting you firmly in control. Store, find, view, distribute and manage your content with ease, and unlock value, from your brand to your bottom line. 

Imagen Pro Features Include:

  • Store – Video, images, audio, documents, and social media posts archived securely, accessed easily.  
  • Find – Access your entire media archive with ease. Intuitive ingest and management tools mean your portfolio is organized, indexed, and ready to play.
  • View – Imagen Pro fits seamlessly into your business. Optimize the user experience for your specific audience. Customize the platform, generate revenue, and improve return on investment across your archive. 
  • Manage – Unlock your video’s potential with intelligent management tools that let you control, organize, share, analyze and curate your archive. 
  • Distribute – Whether you’re watching on-demand, streaming live, or delivering broadcast-ready files, Imagen Pro connects your audience with the content they need – at the fastest speeds.

Imagen also offers a feature-rich API to fully integrate their products into your enterprise platform.

Imagen Go Free Trial

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