Impact Radius: Partner, Affiliate, Media and Tag Management

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Impact Radius enables digital brands and agencies to maximize the return of ad spend across digital, mobile and offline channels. Their SaaS marketing technology enables marketers to have a singular analytics view into all marketing efforts by collecting granular consumer journey data and marketing costs.

The Impact Radius Suite of Products includes

  • Partner Manager – automate your affiliate and strategic partner programs. Reduce your transaction fees and boost ROI while enhancing scalability, analytic insights, and control.
  • Tag Manager – tag management across all channels—including mobile.
  • Media Manager – a centralized data hub for streamlining multi-channel reporting and getting insight on the value contributed by each source, and accurately measure return on ad spend (ROAS).
  • Mobile App Tracker – Integrate one SDK and precisely track all mobile installs and in-app events from all partners.
  • Inbound Call Tracker – Track all inbound call activity just like clicks, on a single platform. Automate workflows, including partner contracting and payments.
  • MarketPlace – find and connect publishers with affiliates through Impact Radius’ search algorithm.

Through the automation of critical marketing processes and real-time delivery of visual reporting insights, Impact Radius drives revenue for global companies such as American Airlines, Cabela’s, Shutterstock, Tommy Hilfiger and Wayfair.


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    Don’t trust this affiliate marketing platform. I referred a website owner to buy a plan in MaxCDN and I earned commission that is payable in 3 months. I completed all the required forms by MaxCDN’s affiliate marketing platform Impact Radius 3 months before the payment is due. I budgeted my earnings to pay my bills. After 3 months when the payment should be made, their finance team raised issue that my routing number is invalid. Why this routing number issue has not been addressed 3 months ago where the delay in payment could have been prevented? Why raised that issue when I expect the money that I earned to pay my bills badly? This is clearly a defect/negligence in the part of Impact Radius system. I had 2 weeks argument with their customer support, suggested them to use different methods that known to be working for my account and it came to a point where I contacted the heads of Impact Radius and never got reply from them. I also made contact directly to the MaxCDN and their head to ask for their help as I have already exhausted all the options I have with Impact Radius, I already lost my trust in them and dealing with them just give me more stress. I never got help from MaxCDN. With all these efforts, I just lost time and gave me so much stress. And I lost money because of the penalties in late payment of bills. My mistake was I trusted them that they will pay.

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      Seems as though they could utilize a checking validation in their process, but I’m not sure I’d go so far as saying they’re not trustworthy when you entered the incorrect routing information. We’ve worked with them and have not seen the same issue.

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