The Importance of a Click Whitepaper

Delivra, our client email marketing sponsor, has created a whitepaper demonstrating the importance of a click as it can be the difference between making the sale.

The Importance of a Click whitepaper discusses the rationale behind every click, the tactics to improve the click rates, and some real life experiences to reveal how understanding the importance of a click will assist your company’s email marketing efforts.

Increasing clicking rates in your email marketing is a result of different email marketing tactics combined.  You have to know your audience, give them something worthy of a click, and create triggered and sequential mailings to find out the combination that works best for your organization.

Download the whitepaper for some great information on how to improve click throughs rates in your email!

Download the White Paper!

Download a Sponsored Marketing Whitepaper:
Your Complete Guide to Call Tracking

Your Complete Guide to Call Tracking

Despite what you might guess, calls to businesses are not decreasing as investment in digital marketing grows. Instead, the investment in digital marketing has actually led to a dramatic rise in calls to businesses. Download Now

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