6 Keys to Customer Service Success Using Social Media

Customer Service Sucess with Social Media

We shared statistics on the growth of customer service using social media, and this infographic takes it a bit further, providing 6 distinct keys for your company to incorporate to ensure success. Lousy customer service can derail your marketing, so its essential for marketers to monitor sentiment and response time via social media.

In one JD Power survey of more than 23,000 online consumers, 67% of respondents reported having contacted a company via social media for support. However, being present in social media alone is not enough. To utilise it effectively, a business must be careful on how they listen, and more importantly, how they respond. Global Outsourcing

Here are the 6 keys, per the infographic Top Tips to Utilise Social Media in Customer Service, from Global Outsourcing:

  1. Choose the Best Social Media Platform that Suits Your Business Needs –  we’re an ambassador for Agorapulse which I’d highly recommend to any organization large and small. The platform presents your interactions a lot like an inbox, enabling companies to answer or delegate answering issues effectively.
  2. Monitor Social Mentions – customers and prospects will mention you on social media without tagging you or speaking to you directly. It’s essential you utilize a platform where you can be alerted when you’re mentioned to keep ahead of customer service issues. This is another great feature of Agorapulse, by the way.
  3. Use the Right Tone of Voice Consistently – sassy responses aren’t always translated well online, so be sure to align your response with the request that’s being made. Your team needs to care… and sound like they care… so you don’t come under additional scrutiny or criticism from the individual’s social network.
  4. Remember the Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media – don’t neglect, delete or hide comments, be defensive, engage with trolls, or overwhelm your customers with too much information. Do thank them for bringing the issue to your attention, acknowledge their concern, and apologize for the trouble. Most of all, ensure you can get to a resolution that makes the customer happy.
  5. Make Use of a Knowledge Base – 91% of online consumers said they’d use an onling knowldge base if it were available and tailored to their needs A Knowledge Base can cut down on support tickets, deliver results faster, and keep customers happy.
  6. Know When to Take an Issue Offline – a public forum like social media may not be the best place for upset customers and complex problems. It’s not uncommon to ask a customer to follow you, connect with them via direct message, and move the conversation offline via phone or face-to-face where you can assist them more efficiently.


6 Keys to Customer Success Using Social Media

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