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Staying ahead of the rapid changes and iterations in a large-scale enterprise platform, such as Salesforce, can be challenging. But Salesforce and AccelQ are working together to meet that challenge.

Using AccelQ’s agile quality management platform, which is tightly integrated with Salesforce, significantly accelerates and improves the quality of an organization’s Salesforce releases. AccelQ is a collaborative platform companies can use to automate, manage, execute, and track Salesforce testing.

AccelQ is the only continuous test automation and management platform listed on the Salesforce AppExchange. In fact, several of Salesforce’s enterprise customers vouched for AccelQ, given the value it brought to optimize their Salesforce release cycles.  AccelQ went through a stringent evaluation process to get listed on Salesforce AppExchange. In fact, several of Salesforce’s enterprise customers vouched for AccelQ, given the value it brought to optimize their Salesforce release cycles. 

A Complete Test Management Platform

AccelQ is a complete test management platform helping enterprises deliver quality Salesforce implementations. Hosted on the cloud, AccelQ is much faster and easier to set than Provar or Selenium. 

Current tools that attempt to automate Salesforce testing don’t succeed because they aren’t able to bring a business perspective. And they even fail to handle Salesforce’s dynamic user interface and its elements. AccelQ really simplifies, automates, and accelerates Salesforce test automation with its pre-built Salesforce Universe, AccelQ’s specialized solution for supporting the Salesforce ecosystem of products.

Salesforce can get pretty tricky with its dynamic web content, iframes, and Visualforce, to name a few, coupled with the need to support Salesforce’s Lightning and Classic editions. AccelQ seamlessly handles all these complexities in simple no-code automation that’s available on the cloud. Implementation and release cycles have significantly accelerated across AccelQ’s Salesforce customer base while delivering higher quality to the business at a much lower cost. 

AccelQ’s Salesforce test suites handle module-based or change-based test planning, executions, and tracking with pre-configured plans. It lets companies track executed test cases with a business process view and enables quick validation cycles with ongoing configuration changes in their Salesforce implementations.

Salesforce Content Pack accelerates Salesforce test automation with predefined Salesforce Universe, codeless natural language automation, and automated change impact analysis capabilities. Companies can achieve over 3x acceleration in the quality assurance phase of Salesforce implementations.

Test Automation and Management

AccelQ offers test automation that’s lightning-fast and easy, just like Salesforce. It provides:

  • Visual model of a company’s Salesforce implementation and business processes
  • No-code automation that’s simple and powerful
  • Intelligent test planning and cloud executions enabled with continuous integration
  • Comprehensive test management with in-built traceability for all test assets
  • Agile dashboard for execution tracking and detailed reporting

Also, AccelQ complements Selenium for companies that want to automate their Salesforce application testing with Selenium, especially when manual testing alone can’t cover the testing requirements for regression testing. 

Applications built on Salesforce are pretty complex and can be challenging to test with Selenium. AccelQ allows testers to generate test cases for Salesforce with ease and enhances Selenium’s power, making it reliable, scalable, and cost-effective.

AccelQ Salesforce Testing Case Study

One Salesforce customer enabled its Salesforce business users with comprehensive, in-sprint automated testing capabilities from AccelQ

The customer, a global information, data, and measurement company based in the U.K., wanted to enhance the user experience as well as the quality and agility of its Salesforce customer relationship management system. This Salesforce implementation was critical to the business, but under normal circumstances, regression testing would have consumed a considerable amount of resources.

So the customer wanted to:

  • Automate business process validation across six different Salesforce modules
  • Handle the complexity of Salesforce Lightning controls for automated interactions
  • Reduce manual testing from multiple days to a few hours
  • Effectively deal with dynamically generated and nested frames in Salesforce and avoid maintenance overhead
  • Enable the business team to perform in-sprint automation

The business benefits of AccelQ, included:

  • Faster, higher quality Salesforce releases
  • Multi-day manual test effort reduced to a few hours of automated regression
  • Significant reductions in cost and effort
  • Modularity enabling development for new business process automation with over 80 percent re-use
  • Enabled testing teams to design and develop automation concurrently with new feature implementation
  • Technical excellence with sustainable benefits
  • Embedded best practices and design principles to consistently address peripheral concerns and traceability 

Salesforce testing and automation requires extra agility due to compressed configuration and implementation cycles. AccelQ’s capabilities are uniquely leveraged with ready-to-use test automation assets with no technical complexities and overheads. With AccelQ, enterprises can empower their business users and other stakeholders and gain complete visibility into the quality of their Salesforce implementations.

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