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Over the last few years, increased used of digital media by customers has changed the way companies market their brands. Businesses have just a few minutes to capture a visitor’s attention and control their purchasing power. With many options available to customers, each organization has to find a unique mix of marketing strategies that will ensure customer loyalty to their brand.

However, all these strategies now focus on building and further improving website engagement. We’ve compiled some of the reasons why customer engagement is considered to be a priority besides just being an end goal of all the marketing strategies.

  • According to an article published by Forbes, more than 50% of customers are happy to pay a premium for a great brand experience
  • While another article published by Lifehack states that engaged customers will pay up to 25% more than those who are not convinced
  • The same article by Lifehack also states that more than 65% of customers buy products based on their treatment and comfort on specific sites

Though many sites are popular, the majority of customers are not happy with the amount of information the receive at the end. This is a clear indication for companies that they should focus more towards providing the right information and / or message at the right time to have a significant impact. Considering that a lot of high ranking websites receive over 100,000 visitors each year on an average, marketing departments cannot disregard even a single visitor. Fortunately, there are quite a few tools which can help in achieving customer satisfaction. Let’s take a look at them below.

7 Practical Tools that Enhance Website Engagement

1. Analytics: Marketing strategies use data to craft new ad campaigns to improve customer engagement. Thanks to analytics tools, companies now have access to multiple data points. The derived results can be used to design and send personalized messages to their customer base on multi-level touch points. 

Mobile analytics as a tool is also gaining traction. One thing to keep in mind is that sales, IT and marketing departments have to work in concert to create good campaigns. There is a lot of work is still ongoing in this area as companies are facing problems related to implementation and media placement.

2. Live Chat: Proactive chat is becoming one of the most used approach by companies these days. And to get that done correctly and instantly, many organizations do not give up on the idea of a live chat software. However, with too many options available in the market it’s not easy to settle with one. But in case you have a support tool like ProProfs Chat, providing instant support becomes a piece of cake.

The live chat software allows your operators to understand visitor behavior and start a proactive conversation with a feature like Chat Greetings. Not only does this promote the instant support benefit but also builds a personalized support experience for visitors. With so many features working together, your business can ensure the the stay of a visitor prolongs and they complete a purchase based on your operators’recommendations.

3. Mobile Support: Mobile apps are becoming more common as they are easy to use and offer an improved buying experience to customers. In fact, many retailers offer steeper discounts to app users to keep them hooked on to the app stores, even on the go. 

As another customer support channel, companies which invest in app support will be able to offer a similar and seamless shopping experience. Ensure that your customer has given permission to access this option, just so you do not land in legal battles.

4. 24/7 Support Tools: There are several tools that one can use to boost sales on multiple channels. Find a good one and use it to help guide customers though the decision process as well as buying. These tools can be configured in to the company’s website to optimize engagement and maximum benefits.

5. Social Media Platforms: Just like having a website is a necessity, it is equally important to engage with your customers through impactful social media presence. Customers like to connect with companies via Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook –research has found that people buy 40% more if the presentation and story line of a product is good. 

Keep in mind that it is not enough to just have an account but someone to monitor them is also needed. A team in fact can help you answer every question a customer may have and responding to issues or questions with the right information. By providing your customers the opportunity to get information faster, not only do you increase the chances of their retention but also boost their loyalty towards your brand.

6. Callback Feature:Businesses and customers have to juggle many priorities and answers are sought at jet speed. There are programs which a company can install and use for service representatives to manage call queues. While customers may occasionally have to wait a while before their questions are answered, the fact that they are willing to stay on the line indicates their interest and engagement with the brand.

7. Help Desk: This is perhaps one of the most essential tools that a business should never compromise upon. Using a ticketing system helps in resolving issues and providing much needed answers fast. Tickets are a great way to track an issue from start to finish and provide a resolution. 

Using predictive tools for this process can prove extremely useful as anticipating problems in advance is a part of the process. Finding ways to address issues becomes easy as well. Customers do get impressed if a business uses such a program –it is a great brand enhancement and good for customer satisfaction.

Wrapping Up the Use of 7+ Super Useful Tools

Thanks to tech innovations, many companies are developing new products which provide customer-friendly solutions. Those who are able to stay ahead of the trend by investing in the right tools, do stay ahead of the curve by meeting client needs and surpassing them.

There are service companies which can provide all of these tools and make it easy for a business to focus on their core functions. Why not use the available expertise to boost your website engagement, productivity and customer satisfaction – all at the same time?

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