Inbound Marketing Explosion

inbound marketing explosion

As an inbound marketing agency, we think it's exciting to be agents on the front side of the incredible change in the agency industry. From vendors to designers, everyone is paying much more attention to the big picture of online marketing rather than working in silos or comfort zones. Working across mediums provides greater results… but it's not easy!

Marketing used to be about paying for your audience's attention and trying to lure them away from whatever they were doing before. But thanks to the web, the game has changed. Inbound marketing encompasses a number of tactics that attract customers by offering them useful, relevant information. Using inbound marketing, you can zero in on customers who are eager to buy what you sell. We explore just how widely inbound marketing has caught on and how businesses are finding success with it 2012. From G+'s infographic, The Inbound Marketing Explosion.

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    That my friend shows the end of an era and the prime real estate of another. Social media is the buzzword…its no surprise companies are flocking to it like seagulls to sandwiches. 

    I think as the social web grows though, we’ll see the evolution of business as well. In order to operate in this new social platform, you have to be social. And businesses arent used to being social…its scary to them. Theyll have to learn to be or they will die. Plain and simple.

    Great post!

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    Consumers don’t want to feel like they are being marketed to.  Inbound marketing is about joining the conversation, instead of starting it.  Consumers that have a need are going to try and find a solution.  Working at inbound marketing improves the chances that you will be that solution.  

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