Inbound Marketing Ecosystem

inbound marketing ecosystem

The positioning of DK New Media is largely that it's an inbound marketing agency. We like the term inbound marketing because it emphasizes the fact that our focus is attracting leads and turning them into customers. SEO companies are often focused on rank. Social companies are often focused on bigger audiences. Agencies are often focused on design. We're focused on business results… and may utilize SEO, social, email, mobile, video, design or any other strategy that drives prospects into leads and leads into customers.

Inbound marketing may sound like marketing jargon, but I like the expression and it's comparison to outbound marketing strategy. The folks at Volinsky Consulting have designed a great infographic that illustrates the ecosystem of an effective inbound marketing strategy:

inbound marketing ecosystem 950px

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    I love this infographic! It really hits the nail on the head. It seems we look at our business through two lenses. We have the sales funnel lens that’s focused on the bottom dollar and lead flow through our business model.

    Then you have this “Marketing Ecosystem” lense —which really looks like a top-view of a funnel—the difference being that the marketer focuses on the conversion rates of the content published and seeks to place content where it will have the highest perceived value. So we create some content with broad appeal for that outer/atmospheric layer and gradually get more specific with the content we create as we learn more about the person consuming it, as they migrate toward the center.

    That’s just a verbal process of this brilliant photo 🙂 It really resonates.

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