Inbound Marketing Rising

inbound marketing rising

The folks at Pamorama have done a terrific job with this infographic that provides insight into why inbound marketing is the optimal strategy as opposed to outbound marketing… from the consumer’s point of view.

As consumers continue to flock to the Internet, the Internet marketing industry continues to evolve. In a two-way medium like the Internet, the traditional models of marketing are losing their efficacy, and new types of marketing are gaining steam by providing value for consumers increasingly put off by intrusive marketing tactics.

While inbound efforts require commitment and time to build momentum, there’s no more cost effective means of acquiring great customers who buy your product or service.

difference between inbound outbound marketing pamorama

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    This is a great infographic. I totally agree with you when you said that
    information that is readily available to customers now may make outbound
    marketing go on a continuous decline. Inbound
    marketing may be bad for some, but it certainly is empowering the customers.

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