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The common problem across all content marketing strategies is always the same… continuously driving great content that your audience finds relevant. For now, it’s required us to constantly scour analytics, search trends, and keep abreast of industry news socially so we can get the scoop and deliver it fast. InboundWriter has taken a huge step in the right direction, building a real-time gauge of your writing and comparing it to both search and social.

From their site: InboundWriter delivers real-time search and social intelligence as to what your target audience is reading, sharing and discussing online during the content development process.

Here’s the Software as a Service Application:

All of the sidebar sections have tips and tools to help you dive deeper into the topics you’re researching.
Web App Tip

The web application also has a Topic Buzz that pulls directly from social to find the latest and greatest topics being discussed:
Web App Topc Buzz

Here are 5 Takeaways:

  1. Traditionally, the writing process has been broken up into 3 phases: research, writing and content optimization. InboundWriter has combined all of these steps into a unique cloud-based application. The way it works is the application’s back-end engine conducts real-time web and social content research on your writing topic and then suggests popular phrasing that’s being used online/in social. Then, it scores your content on a scale of 1 to 100 on its findability, factoring in your selected content strategy. (You can choose various strategies – like reader’s education level, keyword competition, etc.)
  2. InboundWriter is designed specifically for writers — online marketers, digital journalists, PR professionals, and any other type of online content producer.
  3. The new feature launching today is intended to add a unique Twitter research capability for the pre-writin/research process. With Twitter serving as today’s buzz barometer, InboundWriter integrated a module that automatically hones in on articles being circulated that are relevant to the user’s writing topics. It’s not looking for chatter – rather, it’s looking for articles that have gained momentum, that you should know about. You wouldn’t necessarily find them having to wade through Twitter on your own.
  4. There’s a larger theme at play here about how writers, including marketers and the media, are finally getting some new options to regain control over important content, which is being lost in the midst of the content explosion that’s happening online/in social. With Facebook and Google continually cracking down on content quality, it’s not just desirable to stand out, it’s critical or no one will find you! This is a huge reason why we’re getting such great user feedback — this type of tool is becoming very important for content producers/marketers.
  5. It’s free to sign up for an InboundWriter account, which lets you edit 8 documents/mo within the InboundWriter web-based application and also gives you unlimited access to our WordPress plugin (with a badge that is automatically generated on posts that used the plugin features). If you’d like unlimited editing and/or no advertising, you can get the Pro account, which costs $19.95/mo.

Here’s the InboundWriter WordPress Plugin in Action:

WP Plugin Strategies

I got to see a demo of InboundWriter and was incredibly impressed! If you’re looking to do research on topics and do it in real-time, this application (or the WordPress plugin) is a no brainer! It just may get you over that hump in finding relevant content to continue writing about that your audience is most interested in!


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