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5 Tips to Improve Your Holiday Email Experience in 2017

Our partners at 250ok, an email performance platform, along with HubSpot and MailCharts have provided some essential data and variances with the last two years of data for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

To give you the best advice available, Joe Montgomery of 250ok teamed up with Courtney Sembler, Inbox Professor at HubSpot Academy, and Carl Sednaoui, Director of Marketing and Co-Founder at ‎MailCharts. The email data included comes from MailCharts’ analysis of top 1000 internet retailers’ (IR1000) emails that included “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday” in the subject line.

They’ve concluded that you can improve your overall email delivery, email open, and email purchase rates by ensuring the following five strategies are deployed this holiday season:

  1. Email Frequency – Put the customer experience first and consider asking if they want to receive increased email volume during the holidays. Doing so might reduce notorious holiday list churn and drive stronger brand loyalty.
  2. Extend Your Dates – A recent survey by RetailMeNot reported 45% of shoppers plan to begin holiday shopping before November. Consider extending campaign flights in both directions; start earlier, run longer.
  3. Design Better – Powerful visuals with clear CTA’s are key for emails that convert. Additionally, make sure your emails work across all platforms and devices your customers use before you hit send.
  4. Authentication – According to the Online Trust Alliance report released in June 2017, half of the top 100 U.S. retailers, and a third of the top 500 lack proper email authentication and security. Don’t let phishing attacks ruin the holidays.
  5. Call to Action – Ask customers to add what they’d like to purchase from you to their cart — this will reduce friction during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday frenzy. Encourage customers with items in their cart to checkout in order to claim your holiday discount or offer.

Here’s the full infographic, Black Friday and Cyber Monday Inbox Experience.

Black Friday Cyber Monday Inbox Experience 2017


Douglas Karr

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