Increase Blog Traffic by Reviving Old Blog Posts

Although I’m nearing 2,000 blog posts on Martech Zone, it doesn’t mean that all the hard work I’ve poured into each post is recognized. Few people realize it, but it is possible to revive old blog posts and get new traffic.

seopivot.pngThis week a new product hit the market that’s incredible for reviving old blog posts. (It can also be used on web pages, too, of course). SEOPivot analyzes the pages of your site and provides you with recommendations to apply keywords for better search engine placement. It’s quite an impressive product and I put it to use on my own blog.

For $12.39, you can use SEOPivot for 1 day – more than enough time to enter up to 100 domains and get a comprehensive list back of up to 1,000 pages and keywords and phrases. You can even download the results via an Excel Spreadsheet!

I simply sorted the list by Url and Average volume… that’s an approximate count of searches for a given keyword or phrase. Then I edited each of the pages or posts, added the keyword combinations where possible, and republished the posts. It’s that simple and you can have a significant impact on traffic.


It’s a great product and a nice way to revive some old content that you had put some energy into putting out there!


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    I have been looking into this product as well. However, I think that you can get a better overview of your websites performance using analytics and buy refining your keyword research on the adwords keywords tool on exact match. However, I do think this product would suit a blog owner who just wants to expand a keyword list and does not have the time to do KPI reports keyword research.

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      I agree re: keyword analysis, Shout… Adwords is great. SEOPivot's sister product SEMRush is extremely useful as well – especially on low volume, long-tail keywords. Adwords isn't too useful on low volume, high-relevance terms sometimes.

      You understood my key point – for simply optimizing some past posts and get a nice increase in traffic, downloading a SEOPivot report is quick and easy!

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    Thank you very much for the review! We are pleased to see that our tool is useful for specialists 🙂 Will keep developing the service and hope that it will become even more convenient and useful.

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    Great post. Would you mind if I wrote a little article on my increase website traffic blog about this?

    My blog is still very new so I am always looking to get more quality content on it.

    My readers I am sure would benefit greatly from this information. I will of course link back to this blog
    as being the original blog where I got information from.

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    Great post Douglas. With the current trend in re-purposing content you were certainly ahead of the curve considering you wrote this post nearly 7 years ago. I find ahrefs is the best all in one solution these days for keyword exploration.

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      Absolutely. I don’t see any value for our audience in having old, inaccurate posts on the site. I try to keep as many as I can up to date. I’ve heard nothing but great things about ahrefs!

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