10 Ways to Increase Sales in 2012

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It's always great to see an infographic that simply spurs some ideas… and this one does just that. There are so many strategies to increase sales out there but marketers are the ones stuck with the decision of which way to turn. Rarely do we have the convenience of doing it all. I always encourage clients to adopt a technology that's on the rise – in this case both mobile and marketing automation are tactics that I'd deploy because of their marketing effectiveness and cost effectiveness.

Customers are always the core of any business. However, in 2012, customers will require more personalize attention than ever before. Luckily, businesses can easily accomplish this by embracing analytics and new technologies that will help them build unprecedented relationships with their customers. Here are Truaxis’ top ways to increase sales in the new year while giving your customers exactly what they need, when they need it. From: 10 Ways to Increase Sales in 2012



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    Douglas, Good infographic. I have been avoiding analytics and metrics but learning more each day. Thanks for the detailed information that I can apply to both mine and my client’s efforts. Warmly, Susan

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    This is a great list that all small business owners should keep handy.  While everything on the list may not all apply to every type of business, many apply to all business and if incremental steps are taken throughout the year.  I think the top are: customer relations, understanding web analytics, targeting, local search, marketing analytics and social media.  If small business focus on these they can see significant revenue growth by the end of the year and have a solid strategy to start 2013 off on the right foot.

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