Proven Strategies to Increase Website Traffic

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BWHGeek has produced this infographic on ways to increase traffic to your site. I’m not sure I agree with BWHGeek on who is the best host… we love Flywheel (and are an affiliate) and I believe their infographic has a huge gap in it… mobile.

Mobile optimization of your site via a responsive design, mobile theme and/or mobile application is an incredible way to grow traffic. Our own iPhone and Android apps are growing at a much faster rate than our web traffic (proportionally). Having a mobile optimized site and application are great for search engine rankings and mobile search as well. Get mobile. Now.

Otherwise, I love the advice in this infographic – especially deploying an email newsletter strategy and paid promotions. Paying for traffic to your site with vendors who drive relevant visitors (we like Outbrain and StumbleUpon Ads, too) can help you grow your audience and keep the visitors you originally paid to get there.



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    Thanks for the tips Douglas. I just recently have been guest blogging and I hope that brings in traffic. Plus being a social media guy I’m always trying to tell people it needs to be used and if used, optimized.

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