Has Your SEO Expert Increased Organic Traffic 84%?

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This week I was motivated to do some research when I noticed an SEO expert being promoted on another company's web site. The SEO guru in question has a blog that's been around for more years than mine – so I was curious to compare our stats. I consult with many customers on search engine optimization, but I've never called myself an expert.

Until now.

I am changing my title based on the comparison to this guy… who has a SEO and Web Marketing blog that's been around longer than mine, combined with a nice company who has a fantastic array of large clients who are probably spending a lot of money with him.

The Expert Statistics

  • The SEO Expert doesn't rank #1 for a single competitive keyword.
  • The Martech Zone ranks #1 for 31 competitive keywords.
  • The SEO Expert ranks for 19 keywords overall.
  • The Martech Zone ranks for 741 keywords.
  • The SEO Expert's blog is ranked about 87,000 by Alexa.
  • The Martech Zone ranks 47,000 by Alexa.

Martech Zone continues to be found in the top 100 marketing blogs on the Internet. The SEO Expert's Web Marketing blog isn't even on the list.

In fact, since starting my own business, my organic search engine traffic to Martech Zone has increased by 84%:

Blogs are naturally attractive to search engines because they provide a platform where you can write content frequently and present it in such a way that's optimized for search engines to find and index. None of the techniques that I utilize are a secret… in fact I've written all of them in my eBook, Blogging for SEO and will expand on that with a book being published next summer.

If your company needs some help with your Search Engine Optimization, you can call one of those SEO Experts… or you can give DK New Media a call… the company who increased its own Search Engine Traffic by 84% over the last 7 months. It's your choice!

The lesson, of course, is to ‘trust but verify'. Just because a self-proclaimed expert has a blog, a company or even a book, does not make them an expert. Results make them an expert!

If you'd like a copy of the eBook for free, simply subscribe to my blog via RSS or by email and you'll see a link in the header of the feed. That link will take you to a page that will pop up a download link.


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    I am also ‘old school’ like Douglas and have hitherto refused to call myself an expert… until I compared my performance and results to those of so-called experts and like Douglas was stunned by the results! Cleary there is PR and then there are results… and the two do not always go together.

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    Thanks so much Ben! The additional authors have really added a ton to the conversation here at The Marketing Technology Blog!

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    It is amazing how many people out there call themselves SEO experts and then when you collect the data about their own sites, you have to ask the questions of where is your evidence that you are an SEO expert?

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    A thought:

    How about showing a tool or two a customer can use aka Google Insights or Alexa and a couple screen shots to validate your numbers so they can do the same when they look to “hire” their next SEO expert, database developer, etc.

    Teach them enough about fishing to know a good catch like you.

    PR vs Scientific fact is such a cool thing to impart on customers.


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