Social Leadership: Indiana Leadership Association

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This morning was an amazing morning spent with the Indiana Leadership Association. It’s not often that you get the opportunity to speak to a group of educational leaders, leadership gurus, and community leaders. Many people look to civic and educational organizations and believe they’d never latch on to subjects like Social Media.

In a survey of the group before the session:

  • 90% of the group are familiar with computers.
  • 70% of the group were familiar with blogging.
  • 67% of the group were familiar with Web 2.0.
  • 53% of the group were familar with social networking.

Led by George Okantey, this was an engaged group seeking to find opportunities to improve the ILA as well as to leverage social media in their respective organizations. The question they want to answer is, “How do we consciously connect to our mission, values and create a future distinct from the past?”

Also in attendance were Saint Joseph County, Career Resource Center of Brown County, Freedom Academy, Innovative Leadership Solutions, Youth Leadership of South Bend/Mishawaka, Ball State University Building Better Communities program, Leadership Ventures, Waycross Center, Leadership La Porte County, Peace Learning Center, and Purdue University Leadership.

With the opportunity that Social Media brings, leadership organizations can use social mediums for:

  • Information and Best Practice sharing (and sharing failures as well!)
  • Understanding the evolving nature of leadership
  • A destination where members can reach out to one another
  • Synchronizing the terminology between leadership organizations
  • Improve connectivity
  • Generate repeatable processes
  • Recruiting ‘pre’ leaders as the base retires
  • A place to provide and share resources
  • A place to cultivate leaders
  • A place to promote the great work that leadership organizations are doing

It will be great to see the facilitation of these objectives through an organization like Indiana Leadership! I believe that resource-scarce and hard-working organizations like these can benefit from having this support network and technology applied to strengthen the bonds and ease the communication.

What do you think?

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