Indiana: Measured Marketing Capital of the World

TechPoint is formally announcing Indiana’s Measured Marketing Initiative, a national media relations campaign to position Indiana as the leader of a fast-growing, emerging technology business category that TechPoint has coined as measured marketing.

The Measured Marketing Initiative’s Goals:

  1. MM badge smallRaise awareness that this region is developing some of the most sophisticated product and service organizations in the country when it comes to result-based marketing efforts and technologies.
  2. Generate customers for existing businesses through national promotions. This, in turn, will help us to continue to recruit the most talented graduates from Indiana schools and continue to grow employment and business opportunities.
  3. Attract companies to create jobs and investments in Indiana. Indiana is consistently recognized as one of the most affordable states for college graduates. Our state is in great financial shape and our low cost of living make starting up businesses much less expensive – providing better chances for success and growth.

Along with Chris Baggott, I’m proud to be have been a part of this initiative from the earliest stages. I commend Jim Jay and the teams at Techpoint and Ball State. They have done an incredible job at developing and pushing this initiative.

indiana measured marketing

Indiana’s Measured Marketing Initiative

  • What is measured marketing? Measured Marketing is a technology business microcluster focused on developing tools and strategies for businesses to utilize data to enhance or adjust their marketing efforts to both consumers and businesses.
  • What is a measured marketing company? Measured marketing companies provide a platform or service for digital marketing via email, social media, search, video, mobile and other rapidly evolving technologies, and they provide clients with return-on-investment tracking. Highbridge is proud to be a company at the center of this evolving microcluster.
  • Why is Indiana a major player in the measured marketing industry? More than 70 measured marketing companies call the state of Indiana home, and based on available data, the sector in Indiana has grown 48% more than the rest of the nation.

So – if you’re a college student, a business who wishes to participate, a marketing technology business looking to relocate for better opportunities, or a venture capital firm looking to invest…. keep your eyes peeled for some national coverage on Indiana’s Measured Marketing Initiative!

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