Indy Business Makeover: Deadline is Tomorrow!

indy_biz_makeover.pngWhen I was down in Houston, one of the speakers noted how a company will spend more money on their lobby than they will on their online presence. No one asks a couch manufacturer what the return on investment is on a nice leather sofa for the lobby – but everyone cuts and chisels away at the cost of a new website.

Too many companies ignore the strategy altogether – too busy with their current strategies to worry about an online marketing strategy. Your website will get more visitors than your lobby with a great design and strategy behind it! It’s time for a makeover, but it’s difficult to justify the expense… nearly impossible in this economy. Until now…

If you’re a business in central Indiana, here’s an opportunity! For one local company, the Indy Business Makeover Competition will be a well-deserved refresher. The winning firm will receive marketing services, a new server, Web site and office furniture among other prizes. With more than $80,000 of donated products and services from local businesses, the Indy Business Makeover Competition says to hardworking business owners, “enjoy a makeover on us, you’ve earned it.”

The application deadline is tomorrow – July 29, 2009! Check out the list of prizes – they include a 40 blog package with Compendium Blogware, too! I’m going to see if I can talk the team into letting me throw a $3,000 quarterly consulting package into the ring as well – to help with content strategies, social media integration, conversion monitoring, etc.

Great job by the folks at Small Box and Pivot Marketing for putting on this great contest.

What do you think?

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