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Meltwater has been a great sponsor for our blog. We did an international webinar with them on social listening that was jam packed and had a huge response. And we’re about ready to release our first infographic with them! The sponsorship is focused on their News and Buzz products for traditional and social listening, respectively, but I wanted to bring up an aspect of their News product for Public Relations professionals that makes my life as an influencer a ton easier…

Most of the pitches I receive from Public Relations professionals come from their personal address and are batch and blast irritants that clog my inbox. These folks use traditional PR lookup tools that list my email address and they SPAM the crap out of me. They don’t understand how to pitch a blogger and I’m confident journalists like their tactics even less.

I respond to poor or irrelevant pitches bluntly for the person to take 5 minutes to see if my content is relevant to their client. I don’t think most of them do that since they’re in a hurry and they don’t think there are repercussions for their actions. But there are. Folks like me immediately report them as Junk so that we never see another pitch in our inbox. That’s really unfortunate for that PR person – who one day may have had a great pitch for our blog.

Yesterday, I received a pitch email from a PR Agency utilizing Meltwater’s PR outreach tools. I won’t mention the sender since they weren’t relevant – but the email was HTML with graphics and had the best option in the world on it – an unsubscribe link. Clicking that link, I was brought to another screen:


Wow, an option to unsubscribe from these pitches or even the entire media database! That’s powerful, transparent and holds the PR agency and Meltwater accountable to anyone abusing their system. Even more interesting is the option of the email coming from Meltwater or being routed to your email service. That’s an extra level of accountability since most email clients offer the ability to route email addresses automatically or even block them.

If you’re leading a professional public relations or outreach agency and truly want your team to build relationships (as they should be) and hold them accountable, this is the kind of tool you need for outreach. Not to mention Meltwater has over 350,000 media contacts in their database with a ton of information on each to help you find the right influencers and journalists.


Disclosure: This post was NOT solicited by Meltwater, it was all me.

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