InfluencerActive: Find B2B Influencers Easily For Your Next Influencer Marketing Campaign

Influencer Active: Find B2B Influencers for Influencer Marketing

Today, I joined over 100 other B2B influencers in the launch of Influencer Active. This is the first B2B influencer digital marketplace for B2B or B2C brands to discover and hire influencers directly. The global self-service influencer marketplace is unique because it connects brand marketers with curated influencers who have built a significant following and credible reputation on various channels. The company is founded by Anthony James (“AJ”), who has nearly 30 years of marketing experience and is himself a well-known influencer with more than 2 million followers on LinkedIn

Finding Influencers Is a Challenge

For global marketers, finding the right influencer to elevate the brand and pay the premium they demand has long been an issue in influencer marketing, most notably for SMBs. Also, B2B brands are limited in tapping into influencer marketing and often rely on sponsored posts or advertising, which can be expensive and ineffective. Significant spend growth is projected in influencer marketing, but finding the right influencers can be a challenge for businesses.

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Influencer Active can help drive impact by providing you with a public marketplace of vetted influencers that can be easily filtered. The platform:

  • Provides both a profile of the influencer as well as their offerings – with transparent pricing.
  • Influencers can provide offerings that include speaking, virtual presentations, content marketing efforts, social media promotion, or virtually anything they have to offer.
  • Simplifies the process for B2B marketers to find the right influencer in the right vertical industry in a more cost-effective way to support their lead-gen and brand awareness campaigns. 
  • Democratizes access to influencers and provides a more egalitarian way to access and engage them in 11 countries, the U.S., Asia-Pacific, and Europe. It offers a combined first-level reach of 30+ million people and a network reach of 150+ million people — numbers that are growing daily.  
  • Offers direct communication from the marketer to each influencer and a simple process for integrating them into a marketing campaign to increase impact.
  • Offers a new growth area for the MarTech industry by connecting business (B2B) influencers with B2B buyers. In the past, B2B influencers have not been able to commercialize their networks because of the restrictions of LinkedIn, and the only way an individual influencer can get influence out of LinkedIn is through existing offerings such as InMail plans. Sponsored posts on LI are expensive and ineffective.

Best of all, there are no subscription fees or need to post briefs vetted by an intermediary. Engagement is direct between business and influencer, and there is a cost only if an influencer agrees to engage.

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