5 Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2014

marketing predictions 2014

Should we be surprised that social media marketing agency Offerpop has come up with five marketing trends to watch for 2014 — all of which show growth with respect to social media marketing?

  1. Consumers will become the content marketers.
  2. More social integration into traditional marketing.
  3. Linking email with social media marketing.
  4. More social commerce.
  5. More social media campaigns overall.

While activity with respect to social media may increase, I'm a bit pessimistic about marketing efforts with respect to social media. I believe there may be more activity, but less effort. Tools for social media marketing will continue to improve and provide marketers all they need to syndicate, sell and respond to social media – without spending more time there! With everyone's growth will be more noise and it will be difficult to capture consumer and business attention unless you're doing a fantastic job.


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