5 Steps to Increase Traffic and Convert Leads into Customers

what is inbound marketing

The folks at The Whole Brain Group have released an infographic, What is Inbound Marketing? The best infographics are the ones that take a complex idea and simplify it. This infographic aims to do just that on the topic of inbound marketing.

My only criticism of this infographic is that there's a huge step missing between the writing of the content and getting found… and that's optimization and promotion. In order to get found, you can't simply wait for people to find you, you have to be optimizing and promoting the content so it's located where your audience is looking.

That means distributing press releases, sharing the content socially, syndicating the content to targeted communities, optimizing the content so that it's found in search engine results, and even paying for content promotion. Everyone is writing content these days and there's a lot of great content that's, honestly, never found because the company didn't do enough to promote the content.

So what is Inbound Marketing

What do you think?

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