The 7 Traits of the Social Employee

the social employee book

On Monday, we shared the infographic from Blue Focus Marketing, Your Brand as a Planet, providing evidence and a simple analogy that speaks to the power of utilizing your employees to help grow your social media footprint. It goes beyond echoing your brand, though, as you'll see in their new infographic.

As we explain in our Amazon best-selling book, The Social Employee: How Great Companies Make Social Media Work, there can be no mistaking that brands’ relationships to both their customers and employees are changing. In the digital bazaar, the authentic voice of the social employee can be a brand’s most powerful asset in forging long-term, dynamic relationships with customers and other important members of online communities.

Employee engagement, their inclusion of their profession in social media, their commitment to the company, their ability to collaborate, their listening skills, their customer skills and their ability to influence change in the organization are all traits of a fantastic social employee. Now all you need to do is go find them!


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