The Autoresponder Assembly Line

autoresponder assembly line infographic

Your marketing cycle doesn't necessarily follow your prospects' buying cycle. Not only may your campaign be scheduled at the wrong time, it may not be optimized to provide the necessary messaging over time to turn a prospect into a customer. Marketing automation tools have become popular in the marketplace because they provide an opportunity to nurture a client at a time when the client wishes to be communicated with.

Too many businesses let opportunities for great leads pass them by. Autoresponders offer the solution by automatically generating email responses within 15 minutes of online form submissions. Follow the assembly line to see how some of the fastest-growing companies are using autoresponders with their marketing automation programs – and assess whether you’ve built your own autoresponders according to code.

Autoresponder Assembly Line

Today Optify released their Marketing Automation Best Practices: 2013 Autoresponders Study and manufactured a nifty infographic to better visualize our findings and illustrate industry best practices for autoresponders in email marketing.

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