B2B Marketers Find Success With Content Marketing


Every year, the amount of money invested in content marketing strategies seems to be on the rise.  Specifically, B2B content marketers seek to gain brand awareness, lead generation, customer acquisition and loyalty, website traffic, and sales through their content creations.  As marketers get more savvy with the strategies they use to distribute their content, which tactics, platforms, and trends are garnering the greatest benefits?  LinkedIn team up with MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute to answer this question, and break down the current landscape.

Data shows that 73% of marketers are creating more content then they did last year and the most successful marketers are promoting their content on 7 social media platforms, versus just 4 used by the less effective teams.  Infographics are proving one of the most successful strategies, growing in popularity with 51% of B2B marketers this year, up 13% from the year before.  91% of B2B marketers prefer to promote their content on LinkedIn, followed by Twitter at 85%.  Find out which content marketing tactics B2B marketers are using most and which they believe are the most effective in the infographic below.

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    Kelsey, great data here!! Very informative post to help other marketers see what the top of the class marketers are doing effectively!!


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