How Social is B2B?

b2b social media infographic

We just asked, Why Isn’t Your Sales Rep on Social? so this infographic couldn’t be timed better! 61% of US Marketers are using social media to increase their lead generation. How Social is B2B is an infographic from InsideView that provides some solid stats and some great examples of how businesses are utilizing social media to grow their business-to-business sales and marketing results. More leads and faster closes… do you need much more of a reason?

We’ve said it a hundred times… but your prospects are already on social looking for your products and services. The question is why aren’t you there?
b2b social media


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    Thanks for this again infographic. You never failed to cover such awesome topics to post every now and then. I like how you illustrated B2B type of business approach for social media but just one question, does it work when you are still a start-up one? or you have to build your online reputation first?

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      @Hezi I believe that startups can have the largest impact given that there’s an incredible desire to discover new products, services and applications online. It does take time and momentum to build that credibility and authority, though!

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    More and more businesses are starting to use the website to drive more
    traffic to their business page and along with Twitter, it’s amongst the most
    popular ways to use social media for marketing.

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