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Benefits of Mobile Marketing Automation

One of the top goals for organizations is to align marketing and sales team so that they are communicating and integrating their work processes more effectively. On the one hand, marketing needs a library of resources and a lead generation process, while sales needs the ease of mobility and sales collateral at their fingertips. Although the activities for these departments might be different, they are still very much intertwined. This is where the idea of mobile marketing automation comes in.

We worked with the team at Fatstax, a branded iPad sales app, on this infographic, which provides enterprise organizations with an app that allows their sales team to easily access the marketing collateral and the marketing team to be able to upload it to one place, like a repository. The app also integrates with CRM systems, so that you can easily start nurturing leads and capture more information about leads. The idea is to give the sales team enterprise mobility, by being able to easily send presentations, whitepapers, infographics, etc. to their prospects during a sales meeting, and marketing can provide sales with the types of content their sharing online. Both teams are informed of what is being shared and what is available, which drives better communication within the company and to prospects.

This infographic dives into what mobile marketing automation really is and how it can change the way your organization approaches the sales and marketing cycles. It also provides “real-time” assistance during the sales process. Wouldn’t you love it if you were provided with information within minutes of asking for it? This is what mobile marketing automation is made for.

Are you using any kind of sales apps to improve your sales performance? If so, what are they? Have you heard of anything like this before? How are you working towards “enterprise mobility?”

The Benefits of Mobile Marketing Automation Infographic

Jenn Lisak Golding

Jenn Lisak Golding is President and CEO of Sapphire Strategy, a digital agency that blends rich data with experienced-back intuition to help B2B brands win more customers and multiply their marketing ROI. An award-winning strategist, Jenn developed the Sapphire Lifecycle Model: an evidence-based audit tool and blueprint for high-performing marketing investments.

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