Chase 2012 Holiday Shopping Stats to Date

If you’re in the Ecommerce industry and you’ve not visited the Chase Paymentech Pulse site, you should. Chase Paymentech aggregates payment processing data from 50 of their largest e-commerce merchants. This isn’t survey or polling data, it’s real, live purchasing data from US e-commerce merchants, providing the daily percentage of growth, year over year, in dollar sales and transaction counts. Charting on the site captures overall sales, number of transactions and average ticket size. Their site also provides feedback from top analysts and e-commerce experts.

2012 Holiday Shopping Infographic

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The Pulse also compares the daily average ticket amount for the same e-commerce merchants from the 2011 holiday season to this year. The data represents online purchases for which customers used credit cards, debit cards, gift card redemptions, and alternative methods of payment. The Pulse e-commerce data is not intended to evaluate any one particular merchant and does not claim to represent the entire e-commerce industry as a whole; rather, it provides a consistent set of merchant indicators year-over-year based on a select set of Chase Paymentech’s largest e-commerce merchants.

Disclosure: Chase Paymentech is a client of Highbridge and hired us to develop this infographic! We’re also a customer. 🙂

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