Closing the Gap Between Sales and Marketing

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The topic of the changing sales funnel is on every company’s mind. A big part of the change is how we look at sales, and more importantly, how the strategy of sales and marketing are more aligned than ever. Organizations need to analyze how their organization is approaching sales on a consistent basis so that they don’t lose any opportunities. Are your transitions from marketing to sales seamless? Are you providing enough information to both parties? Are you targeting the right prospects? These are questions you should be asking regularly.

Sales enablement, in my opinion, brings the two teams (sales and marketing) together. It creates a symbiotic relationship, where the success of one is dependent on the other and vice versa. As a result, these teams are becoming more integrated and are creating workflows that will facilitate handoffs and retain customers.

Our clients at TinderBox have worked with a variety of different organizations by providing clients with sales proposal management software. Sales proposals are an important part of the sales process, but they also recognize that the interactions before a salesperson gets to the proposal stage set the tone for the relationship moving forward. Really listening to customers and gathering data from marketing will help you not only get to the proposal step, but it will help you create a rich media proposal that appeals to that prospect’s wants and needs.

We worked with the team at TinderBox to do some research surrounding sales enablement and how it’s emergence is changing the game. Do you experience some of these sales pains? What changes are you making in your organization to align sales and marketing?

Sales Enablement Infographic

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