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Content Marketing for Real Estate

When we built Agent Sauce combining sites, IDX integration, tours, mobile tours, video tours, email marketing, SMS messaging and print, we knew that content marketing was key to driving more sales to agents. And, not surprisingly, our agents that leverage the platform fully see the greatest response and close rates.

Content marketing isn’t merely a buzzword or some unproven, experimental marketing strategy: it actually works. In fact, content marketing has been shown to produce approximately three times as many leads per dollar as paid search. As a real estate professional, however, creating content that resonates with your audience can be challenging. After all, real estate consumers are a diverse group, spanning a variety of ages.

Placester has developed this infographic that speaks to how huge an impact content marketing is having on the Real Estate industry. Placester builds Responsive Real Estate Websites combining beautiful designs, hosting, and IDX/MLS integration.


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7 Content Marketing Trends B2B Brands Need to Know in 2018

7 Content Marketing Trends B2B Brands Need to Know in 2018

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