Content Variety and Formats Drive Results

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Your audience varies. While you may appreciate a long-copy whitepaper, another prospect may simply want to review a feature list before they contact you for business. This great infographic from ContentPlus, a UK-based content marketing service, provides an overview of the variety of content offerings that exist, why they work, and some supporting data. They also have an accompanying blog post that ties it all together.

Internet users have become sophisticated content consumers in recent years, and their preferences continue to evolve. Gone are the days when brands could satisfy their audiences’ needs by just publishing bog-standard posts that conveyed the same information as everyone else in their industry. The organisations that leverage content marketing successfully today are the ones that deliver compelling content in the formats preferred by their audiences, and this is the topic of our new infographic Content Strategy Pick ‘n’ Mix.

Content Variety


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    Bright info graphic, nicely illustrated, and good content, but too many sweets can rot your teeth, so my suggestion is to start with a couple, and follow it through to success before trying all flavours and varieties.

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      Indeed! Or save some left overs and use throughout. 🙂 We love using deeply researched and great content across formats… a blog post can easily be extended into a whitepaper, a whitepaper into a presentation, and the facts put into a great infographic.

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