How to Create Content Ideas for a New Client

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This is an interesting infographic on creating content ideas for a new client but I’m not sure I agree with the overall direction of the strategy. I actually would flip this upside down and start with who the customer is – not who the company is. Then I would determine the value that you could provide that customer… and work back from there. I believe most companies make the mistake of centering their content around themselves instead of around their customers.

A blank page can be an intimidating thing, especially when you are just getting started with a content project for a new client. But coming up with ideas isn’t as hard as it seems. Developing fresh ideas your client will love is as easy as following a few steps. Via CopyPress

So… my order would be 5, 3, 2, 4 and then 1! Always put your customer first in your content strategies. Customers don’t care about your company, they care about the products and services and how they’ll benefit from them. Sell to the customer and let the customer determine what’s valuable – then supply it. I’d add that not all content must be aligned to YOUR goals. You can still provide value with content marketing by simply providing value to the customer’s goals!

We often share great marketing advice on this blog that points to an external resource. It’s not a goal of ours to move folks to another site where they’re not going to convert with us or a sponsor! But it does make us a valuable resource to come back to when the visitor needs information the next time.



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    Amen, Amen and Amen. Potential customers don’t care how nattily you are dressed or how large your cdo company is or even the price! How will your product or service BENEFIT them! If they don’t NEED it say tyvm for your time, rid yourself of the “suspect” and go find a “prospect.”

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