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GetResponse has published a simple infographic providing marketers with an understanding of how to improve their email deliverability as well as a whitepaper on the topic as well.

From GetResponse: Did you know that according to recent research by MarketingSherpa, one in six emails will not reach its destination — i.e. the subscriber’s inbox? Those that don’t will have been blocked by a spam filter, making even the world’s most beautiful email template useless. The good news is, this can be changed. And with our experience in providing +99% deliverability, we know how to change it. Of course, we want you to know, too. So we came up with a “shortlist” of the essential steps and even decided to make it more “user-friendly”. An infographic seemed perfect.

deliverability infographic

We recently met with a company that was sending all of their email out of their own system and didn’t understand some of the benefits of utilizing an email service provider. Here are a few:

  • Email service providers have bounce management processes. Many times, users have full inboxes or their email is temporarily down. ESPs will reattempt the emails when there are soft bounces and protect your company by unsubscribing email addresses with hard bounces (ie. email address doesn’t exist).
  • Email service providers have reporting. Although image blocking blocks the ability to see whether or not recipients open your email, opens and measuring click-through rates on links can help your company improve their content or design by supplying great reporting information.
  • Email service providers meet regulatory conditions for email delivery and data privacy. Violating the US CAN-SPAM act or Europe’s EU directive 2002/58/EC (specifically Article 13) can lead to blacklisted IP addresses, or worse, actual violation fines. Using a reputable ESP will ensure that you’re not violating any laws.

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