Holiday Trends Marketers Can’t Ignore

The holiday season is an amazing season because, in my opinion, its virtually all about deals and promotions. It seams that the rest of the year, consumers are concerned with vendor quality, relationships, return policies and shipping… but it all seems to go out the window during the holidays. MDG Advertising has put together this infographic on some of the trends that they believe marketers cannot ignore.

Each year, the holidays bring out consumers looking for great gifts and good deals. Yet long before the masses hit the malls, marketers have their eyes on spotting the shopping trends of the season that will determine the direction of their holiday marketing efforts. To offer these marketers the gift of guidance, MDG Advertising created the following festive infographic. It shows how digital is driving the way Americans are shopping and spending this season.

My takeaway… you better have great deals and you better be prepared to market the heck out of them. Hopefully, folks will add enough other stuff in their shopping cart for you to get back in the black!

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