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How is Mobile Impacting Retail Commerce?

With the permission of the fine folks at eDigitalResearch and PortalTech, the UK’s leading commerce provider, we ported their recent Whitepaper on how mobile is impacting retail commerce into a Marketing Infographic. To see the infographic full-size, just click on it.

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The statistics are pretty intriguing. Given the news that retailers like Borders are closing and Best Buy is shrinking its retail footprint, I’m not sure if this is good news or bad. It seems to me that huge warehouse style retailers are expensive to run, cause traffic, and are energy inefficient.

If we can utilize smartphones efficiently to research purchasing decisions – and only visit if we’d like to pick up our purchases – isn’t that great for everyone? I’m not sure there’s a loss of jobs given that more warehouse distribution and shipping will be utilized (which doesn’t help the energy inefficiency, I guess).

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