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It may sound funny for a guy who’s Twitter following is shrinking to post an Infographic on how to grow your following… but I’ll explain.

In the last month, I’ve been purging tens of thousands of accounts I’ve been following on Twitter. I was following about 30k accounts, but I’ve filtered that down to under 5k and continue to clean it up. As I’ve gotten rid of spammy accounts, those accounts have stopped following me… causing my following to shrink.

I’ve unfollowed many friends by accident and and caught grief about it. If I unfollowed you – just drop me a note and I’ll follow back… it was nothing personal. I simply unfollowed some folks by accident. Anyways, back to the Infographic! Twiends has put together this tip sheet on how to grow your twitter following and it’s both beautiful as well as comprehensive.

What I like most about this advice is that it’s solid advice for growing a relevant following. If you go buy followers from somewhere, you may have some high numbers, but you’ll be inundated with spam. Twitter has been working so hard on growing their numbers that the system is being rotted from the inside out through spam. Case in point is the inability to mass unfollow people. Twitter won’t let you… but they don’t have a problem if you follow en masse. That’s dumb. If Twitter would work on the quality of the content on it’s platform and remove the hackers – the quality would improve and more people would be attracted to the platform.

Here’s how to Grow Your Twitter Following:
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      Hi Paul,

      I think TweetAdder has some great features… but also some dangerous ones. For example, I really love the ability to search by profile and download targeted lists.  However, there’s a great opportunity to abuse the system if you wanted.  Proceed with caution and don’t be tempted to abuse it.


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        Hi Doug

        I hear what you’re saying. That is why I only add people that I follow and  un-follow manually. I know that with TweetAdder you can do this automatically amongst other 
        things. But I am a little bit wary of doing this.

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