How to Improve EdgeRank on Facebook

edgerank infographic

Most companies don’t realize that only a fraction of their page status updates are actually being presented to the audience. A recent Econsultancy post called EdgeRank the most important algorithm you’ve never hear of.

Post Planner is a Facebook app that lets users schedule status updates in advance. The developers recently added a Status Ideas Database to the app that provides users more than 3,000 prewritten status updates, all designed to elicit responses from fans. Their new infographic takes viewers on a trip through time as Hannibal, Genghis Khan and the like use status updates taken from Post Planner’s database to stay in touch with fans.

Infographic final

The post provides solid advice for increasing your EdgeRank… which, in turn, will increase the visibility of your Facebook updates to your audience. This is critical for any company who worked hard to get a great following, but isn’t seeing great results. The Post Planner toolset is an affordable one – check it out.

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