The Power of Individualized Marketing

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Remember when Nike introduced its Just Do It campaign? Nike was able to achieve massive brand awareness and scale with this simple slogan. Billboards, TV, radio, print …‘Just Do It’ and the Nike swoosh was everywhere. The campaign’s success was largely determined by how many people Nike could get to see and hear that message. This particular approach was used by most big brands during the mass marketing or ‘campaign era’ and by and large it resonated with consumers and drove sales. Mass marketing worked.

Fast forward about 30 years, enter the Internet, mobile phones and social media, and we’re living in a very different era. For example, people spent $25 billion on purchases made from phones and tablets in 2012 alone, 41% of email is opened on mobile devices and the average person spends six hours a month on Facebook. Digital technology is integral to consumers’ lives and as a result, consumers want more from their interactions with brands. They want to hear from brands on the right channel, at the right time and with relevant messages. In support of this, a recent Responsys consumer survey found the following:

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The increasing consumer appetite to have more personal relationships with brands has certainly changed the game for marketers. It takes sophisticated technology and marketing smarts to develop long term customer relationships and impact the bottom line. Today, marketers need to deliver individualized experiences for customers across a variety of digital channels – and at massive scale.

MetLife is a great example. If a consumer visits MetLife’s Web site to inquire about an insurance policy, behind the scenes, they are entered into a highly individualized program that is designed to help the consumer complete the oftentimes complex process. It starts at the Web site, but can continue via email, display and SMS for notifications and follow-up requests. Along the way, the messaging is personalized to each consumer’s specific context. Done well, this program results in a great customer experience, while encouraging the consumer to finish the process and become a MetLife customer. In one such case with MetLife, this orchestration of marketing messages across digital channels had higher customer satisfaction than the traditional, agent-driven process.

The Responsys Interact Marketing Cloud is built to help marketers do this kind of marketing orchestration. The platform is centered entirely around the customer, redefining the way the world’s best marketers manage their digital relationships and deliver the right marketing to their customers across email, mobile, social, display and the web. And, it provides marketing teams with a single, collaborative solution to plan, execute, optimize and orchestrate multi-stage, cross-channel marketing programs. The Interact Marketing Cloud empowers marketers to use their data, their way, to deliver the most relevant messages that keep customers engaged and buying throughout the lifecycle.

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