International Text Messaging Statistics

international sms statistics

There are 4.2 billion mobile users utilizing text messaging worldwide…. that’s 3 out of every 4 people on Earth! It also makes text messaging the #1 most used data service in the world with 6.1 trillion tweets sent last year. In fact 48 million people have cell phones… but NO electricity, often using their car batteries to charge their phones. With the massive growth of smartphones in the United States, many people dismiss text messaging but it is the only common technology between all phones on the market (outside of actually calling).

Don’t dismiss the power of text messaging – we have customers on our real estate marketing platform that sell many homes utilizing text messaging as part of their media mix. As well, we have major restaurants driving people to their doors using text messages. Doug even uses text messaging while speaking… he had a 24% response rate at one speech, asking the attendees to text MKTG to 71813 to subscribe to his newsletter.

text messaging infographic

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