Post Your Way To Facebook Success

post your way to facebook success

Really appreciate that this infographic from Pagemodo, Post Your Way to Facebook Success, focuses on great content, consistency and concludes by discussing the opportunity to post when others are not. I grow weary of best time to post nonsense. If businesses would stop chasing number of eyeballs and begin to focus where there is more potential, they would find better results.

The key to a great social media strategy is to know what and when to post, in order to maximize the most likes, comments and shares possible. Fortunately for you the infographic below has some tried and tested methods spelled out to get your social media marketing rocking without spending a bunch of time doing it.

Facebook Post Success


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    Summed it up brilliantly Doug. It’s remarkable how poorly Facebook pages are used by a lot of companies, and charities in particular. A great shame as without facebook being used well, it tends to be a waste of time.

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