Restaurant Mobile Social Consumer Trends 2012

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There's been a lot of evidence to the impact of mobile on typical retail shopping trends, but it should be also noted that Mobile Social Consumer (MoSoCo) behaviors are having a large impact on the restaurant and hospitality services as well!

Mobile platforms and tablets have become products of this technological adaptation, and it's no wonder that restaurant, food & hospitality brands are catching on by plugging in. In this Restaurant Mobile Social Consumer Trend Report brought to you by DigitalCoCo and the Restaurant Social Media Index, we'll take a look at which brands are utilizing the new landscape of mobile and social the best for consumer engagement. From Mobile Social Consumer Trends of 2012

mosoco 2012

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    This is really valuable data, and not only for the restaurant industry. I feel it speaks volumes for any small businesses, people are starting to get even more socially active with where they are and what they like and don’t like. Those first 2 search results to me are what is important across the board: Location and then Reviews. Great data for any small business to pay attention to.

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