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The Rise of Mobile Commerce, and the Benefit to Marketers

Now that consumers can make online purchases anytime, and in any place that has a mobile signal or wifi, the most successful companies are optimizing their mobile platforms to meet their customers’ needs. Only a few years ago, retailers were beginning to think email marketing was a dying approach, but the recent boom in M-commerce is proving quite the opposite.

In fact, for every $1 invested in email marketing, the average return is $44.25, and fifty percent of all unique opens for retail sites happen on smartphones and tablets.  Mobile consumers are spending 48% of their time on e-commerce sites, with 1 in 10 e-commerce dollars spent via a smartphone or tablet. In 2013, the companies raking in the biggest bucks from mobile sales are Apple, Amazon, QVC, Walmart, and Groupon Goods, proving that email marketing can be revived if retailers provide an outstanding mobile experience.

Baynote visualizes just how powerful mobile marketing has become, in the infographic below.

The Rise of Mcommerce

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