The Secret Weapons for Better Marketing and Sales

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Back in the day, understanding what customers needed was largely a guessing game, but with today’s tools like analytics and marketing automation,  predicting customer behavior is much more simple.

95% of companies using predictive analytics reported better leads, greater efficiency, and/or more closed sales. Furthermore, 59% of CMOs feel that implementing automated marketing solutions will increase their marketing tactics’ efficiency and effectiveness. Automation aids in nurturing prospects into leads, so you aren’t wasting resources on customers who aren’t ready to buy, rather selectively targeting the ones who are.

Savvy companies are allowing automated marketing to screen customer behavior so that marketers can focus their time on more important tasks. This infographic, by Lattice Engines, visualizes data around analytics and automation, and how to leverage these secret weapons to build a better marketing plan.

Marketing Automation and Predictive Analytics


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