Social Media – Bridging the Gap

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Too many businesses reach out with frustration that they’ve not adopted social media and fear that it’s too late. I love this Infographic from good friend, Jason Falls, because it provides insight into actual usage… and the fact that there’s still plenty of opportunity for businesses to leverage social media to grow their business.

That said… time is beginning to run out. I do fear that, in a few years, companies may lose market share to competing companies that have adopted social media as a method to promote and engage with their prospects and customers. If companies don’t act soon, they will find themselves quite a bit behind their competitors as those companies have grown their authority and brand online.

Bridge The Gap – Learn Social Media at Exploring Social Media

As Jason states, his organization is there to help companies bridge the gap. Be sure to add Exploring Social Media to your list of great reads and follow my good friend Jason Falls on Twitter, too.

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